The chiefs engaged in the organization of the Eurojam 2014 ended their pedagogical meeting in Rome with the Angelus prayer on St Peter’s Square. The Sunday Angelus in which they participated was the second to last possibility to see Pope Benedict XVI publicly speaking to believers.

Entrusting the Eurojam 2014 to the Virgin Mary was the culminating moment of the weekends work on the Eurojam program that took place at the Divino Amore Marian sanctuary near Rome.

16 people from France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Switzerland talked about specific tasks which stand before the pedagogical team – about camp life during Eurojam, about the activities that await the patrols, and also those of them that will be run in paired troops. They also talked about Eurojam 2014’s opening and closing ceremonies and about the scoutmasters’ camp which will be held in May 2014.

The federal commissioner, Martin Hafner, was present at the meeting, led by the pedagogical project chief, Marcin Kuczaj.

On Saturday, after some debates, the chiefs had dinner together with the Italian National Team. The Italian temperament, their way of expression and the singing that accompanied the meal were the elements that let everyone see the richness of the different cultures present in the FSE. “

    On Saturday, February 2, 2013, in Warsaw (Poland), a course “Scouting for Adult Beginners” was held with the participation of more than 30 people from all over the country. It was the third edition of a very popular course whose aim is to give an extensive comprehension of the Scouts of Europe phenomenon to the adults who, in an ever increasing number, want to enter the movement. This year will mark the third consecutive year of a big growth for the Polish association which went from 1 400 in 2010 to the expected 3 000 this year.

    ABC skautingu-01

    Two groups of adults are joining: students over 20, who become potential chiefs, i.e. are prepared to be assistants and chiefs in the units and working people, adults with families over 30, who take on the functions of group chiefs.

    This edition of “Scouting for Beginners” was led by Zbigniew Minda, former federal commissioner, now in charge of the development in the Polish association. The participants could hear the presentations about scouting in general, the pedagogy of the three branches and organizational aspects. They had an occasion to sing as well as to prepare a scout “veillée”. They also had some outside activities: an example of a scout ceremony and a scout game.

    Twenty instrumentalists composed of Rangers, Rovers and even 2 Guides met for a week around New Year´s to record the soundtrack of the movie “1914 – The Secret of Confrécourt”.

    Among them were also four members of the German Guides and
    Scouts Association: the International scout brotherhood was a highlight of the camp.

    Strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion: each contributed to the harmony of the music, the drama or the comedy that was composed specially for the occasion.

    Some actors and technicians also have worked around the writer.

    The release is scheduled for…. the Eurojam 2014!!!
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