On Pentecost, ten German and Austrian rovers went to support families impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In collaboration with the Greek Catholic Archdiocese of Kiev, they went to build wooden extensions for two families who lost their homes during the bombing of the Kiev suburbs in 2022.

Armed only with their courage and a few tools, they traveled  from Germany during 2000km, and arrived in Irpin, near Kiev. There, they were faced with the sight of destroyed houses and people living crammed together in housing containers. They were astonished to realise that despite the desolation, life went on. Children were playing, people were walking in the streets, working, laughing, singing, praying. “What moved me the most was that the people in Ukraine are able to live there despite the war and that they deal with the situation outwardly in a totally relaxed manner,” said Philipp S.

The rovers began to work in their 2 construction sites, aiming to provide additional living space and hope for the affected families. Using word of mouth, acquaintances and friends to obtain the necessary building materials, the worksite took longer than expected, but nevertheless made good progress!

In the end, only one extension is finished, the other one, for which they hade to wait two days for the concrete for the foundation, remains without windows and doors for the time being. But Maryna’s joy about her helpers from Germany is not dampened by this. Every day she brings other neighbours and proudly shows them her new home.

Two houses may not seem like much, but through this “Good Deed”, our rovers were able to share hope and showcase a real spirit of Scout brotherhood, in line with the efforts of the local Church.

“One of the main goals of the Church today is to heal the wounds of war. Through their contribution, nine young people from Germany and Austria, together with priest Markus Christoph, actively joined it. Their work and contribution is a testimony to Christian love and gives the affected families the most necessary thing – a helping hand and a feeling that they are not alone, that the whole world today supports the whole of Ukraine and each family in particular,” said Deacon Rostyslav Palchykevych, the Economic Department of the Kyiv Archeparchy.

You can read this article in more detail on the German association’s website: https://www.kpe.de/ukraine-hilfsaktion-haus-steht-gut-zurueck/

And also a report on the homepage of the Archdiocese of Kiev: https://synod.ugcc.ua/data/u-kyyvskiy-arhyparhiy-realizovuyut-prokt-vidbudovy-zruynovanogo-zhytla-dlya-postrazhdalyh-vid-viyny-12369/

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