Approaching the end of my seminary training, and the day of receiving the Sacrament of Order, at the degree of the diaconate, it is necessary to look back on everything I have experienced over these years and point out what helped me highlight what was good for me, who encouraged and supported me on my journey through the seminary.

Among all the things, I must mention AGEBR’s Catholic Scouting, which entered my walk somewhat without me wanting to, but now, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to take it away, because it was something I incarnated.

Woww… how I wish I had known about Catholic scouting sooner! I would have prevented so many things from happening in my life, on my journey…

The idea of having a rule of life, like the Scout Laws, having a path to follow, with pedagogical branches (Yellow, Green, and Red) is a true school, and I say a “factory” of saints.

As Chief Marcos, General Commissioner Scout of AGEBR, said at the 1st degree Training Weekend, when I participated in 2023: “There’s no way to go wrong, if everything is done as the method and pedagogy are proposed, and if made with love!

This method enchanted me, as I saw with my own eyes the growth of some young people, it fueled my hope and opened my horizons to a youth that wants to grow and that is lacking references. And they found this reference in Catholic scouting and the AGEBR scout leaders.

Friendship is born within patrols and fraternity involves such a way that there is not only friendship but a brotherhood. This truly enchanted me and showed me a reality different from anything I knew within the Church and on my journey.

Everything I was able to learn here was not new to me, but it was presented to me in such a light way, so “interesting”, that it attracted me, and gave me a different perspective.

Trying to live the Law and the Promise was a new way of seeking to live the commandments, having a chief was a challenge to learn to fight against my desires, and begin a path of obedience, listening to young people and their desires, prepares me for the ministry in such a strong way, that I don’t even know how to describe what I feel in my heart, but I see God’s action, forming a priestly heart.

In short, Catholic Scouting, in its method, makes life simpler, as it incarnates and begins to be part of ourselves. I wasn’t a scout since I was little, and I had limitations in my experience, due to my state of life, but what I lived was an experience in such a sublime way, that it entered and is now part of me.

On my Honor and with God’s Grace, I promise to do my best, be the best I can dedicate myself to the ministry conferred on me sacramentally, take care of the flock entrusted to me, and live God’s will in my life!

Pray for me, my brothers, this poor servant, that he may be faithful to the ministry and the Promise he made!

Semper Parati!

Deacon Samuel

P.S.:  Deacon Samuel joined the AGEBR scout movement while he was still a seminarian. He completed all chief training and served as troop chief in the Green Branch in the northern region of Brazil.

Still as a deacon, he will work with the group as assistant troop chief in the parish where he pastors.