Euromoot 2019 – Mobilia Scriptoria

The 5000 rovers and wayfarers gathered for the Euromoot 2019 in Rome all participated in the creation of a special joint book: the Mobilia Scriptoria, a moving scriptorium, in which, like the medieval copyist monks, each clan and fire copied in its own language an extract from the four Gospels, adding personal comments.

Together with our fellow rover scouts and rangers, we listened and received the Word in our hearts. Each route was given a specific Gospel, and each clan and fire was given a short reading of this specific Gospel. The copying work was preceded by an intense Lectio Divina on the assigned reading. Together, we meditated the Gospel in the beautiful places we walked through, where the human and divine meet. The text of the four Gospels, copied by hand, the comments which sprang from each clan and fire member, and the illuminations meant to tailor the sheets of paper, were the tangible signs of everyone’s prayer, work and pathway.

All these pages were gathered and bound in a huge book offered to His Holiness Pope Francis, as a sign of our gratefulness and filial love towards the Holy Father.

Extract from the Euromoot 2019 Photobook, p. 86

The Gospels of the Mobilia Scriptoria :