lizigLucienne Geraud, born Lucienne Sournac was best known under the pseudonym Lizig Geraud-Keraod. She was the wife of Pierre Geraud, called Perig Géraud-Keraod. They met in Montauban (France) where she was Akela in the same group as him and they got married in 1941. 

She participated with him in the adventure of the foundation and structuring of Scouts of Europe. She is the instigator of the major changes in this movement pedagogy specifically the female branch of Guides of Europe. A remarkable person on a human, cultural and spiritual level. Her funeral took place today, Tuesday, May 7, 2013 in Chateaubriand (Loire Atlantique).
Dear Lizig thank you for such dedication to the European Scouting!
With all the Guides and Scouts of Europe today, and all those who preceded them, we pray for you.

scout-of-europe-en-allemagneApril 20th, 2013 KPE association elected Judith Christoph as guide general commissioner, Marcus Morath as chairman, Maria Hylak as national secretary and Thomas Rieger once again as scout general commissioner. Welcome to Judith and Marcus ! Thank you and “Gut Pfad” to Günter Arend, Hanni Christoph and Kornelia Schneider after their years of service !

“Live the Scout Adventure!”
Here is the theme for the Scout Film Festival in its 5th edition.

The festival was born in 2002 on the initiative of the French Confederation of Scouting which includes the “Eclaireurs Neutres de France” (Neutral Scouts of France), the “Fédération des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses” (Federation of Scouts and Girl Scouts) as well as the Association of Guides and Scouts of Europe.

film scout

This day is an opportunity to see the movies in competition of less than a minute and less than fifteen minutes all made by scouts. Open to all branches as well as scoutmaster groups and regardless of the nationality (French subtitles must be included), this event is an opportunity to develop new skills, meet Scouts from other movements and promote the scouting spirit on the screen.

Christophe Charly, the head of the festival, also plans novelties for this year with the opening of a forum with scout writers and illustrators like Emmanuel Beaudesson, Bruno Robert, Laure Bonnet, and a picture exhibition.

festival film

So grab your camera, write your scenarios and make it to Paris on November 23th to share your vision on Scouting with us and to have a fraternal time of exchange with other movements!

Here’s the link to the 5th Scout Film Festival web!

Inscriptions can be done also internationally – it’s an open event to all UIGSE members!