With an Hungarian scoutmaster, the scouts of the IIIrd Mountain Chambéry Troop wanted to discover this country. They also wanted to use this opportunity to partner up with a foreign troop. The IXth Warsaw quickly accepted this great opportunity and now each French patrol is in contact with a Polish one in order to get to know each other, to prepare the camp and they even prepared a small Polish-French glossary to have an alternative to English. They will all end up in a camp together in Hungary this summer.

Krzysztof, the head of scouts unit of the IXth Warsaw tells us that his scouts are really motivated since they have heard so much about the European dimension that they wanted to live it. When the French scoutmaster’s mail arrived, as Hungary is not so far away from Poland and does not imply so many expenses, they said : “Why not!” What are they expecting from this camp? To experience a great Adventure, spend some good time with the French scouts in Hungary, and learn from all these different cultures. Thus, it is a good way to prepare for the Eurojam!

As for the French, faced with the challenge of financing this camp, the IIIrd Mountain Chambéry Troop has found an innovative, profitable and well-liked recipe in order to move away from the traditional pastries sale. As they do not lack of ideas, motivation and scout spirit, the troop has concocted a representation where songs performed by the whole troop follow songs by each patrol one after the other using a vigil technique (puppets, choreography, shadow theatre …). The patrol leaders have distributed the tasks: planning the schedule, making sure that each patrol has repeated and learnt all the pieces, making posters and communicating it widely. The first concert was a real success and has attracted a wide variety of people even some new to Scouting.

The story has not ended here since a second concert is looming on June 8th, 2013 in Chambéry, France. https://www.facebook.com/events/430872383676002

By singing a delighted troop gets ready to fully live the European dimension of the movement. Let’s wish both troops a good camp, a good learning of languages and a great meeting!

From May 9th to 12th, the national pilgrimage of Belarusian rovers took place. They started their walk from the village Soly and went to Gudagai to the Mother of God.bialorus06

The national pilgrimage gathered rovers from all over the country including such towns as Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Vitebsk, Borisov, Pastavy, Lyntupy. If one had joined this route, he would really have experienced the European dimension of Scouts of Europe as we were joined by the rovers from the cities of Zolochyv and Lviv (Ukraine). They came together with a deacon. And, perhaps, the most interesting guest was a young man from Sweden, who came to learn our experience in the development of FSE scouting, as his country currently does not have a Scouts of Europe organization.

bialorus 01

The main gift was not only great weather for all the days of the pilgrimage, but the opportunity of meeting good people along the way. Many villagers blessed the rovers and were happy to see so many young devout men celebrating their catholic faith. In one of the villages – Zhuprany – rovers taught the children some scout games. By the way one of the most beautiful churches in Belarus is situated in that village, the funds of which were raised by the famous Belarusian poet and democrat Francis Bogushevich who is also buried there. This man also took part in the 1863-1864 Kastys Kalinouski uprising, which was the theme of the camp fire which took place on the same day. After the camp fire, Pavel Belski had his Rover Departure ceremony to become the 5th RS in Belarus.


The pilgrimage ended with a 3-mile Way of the Cross in forests and fields near the village of Gudagai which was a breathtaking spiritual experience.

Cracovie a pu voir déferler entre les 12 et 14 Avril une véritable vague de chefs Scouts d’Europe, notamment tous les chefs polonais de la branche jaune. Dans la même ville se sont réunis au même moment les chefs de la branche verte, venus assister à la réunion du XXVI “Legwan”.


Les chefs ont pu assister à des conférences et des débats portant sur le thème de chaque réunion, alternant avec des activité communes, comme l’Heure route, la messe, les repas ou la visite d’une abbaye cistercienne.

Les participants ont pu jouer à de nombreux jeux sous le soleil de Cracovie, l’endroit sélectionné pour la conférence de Bartłomiej Bodziechowski se trouvant un être un parc. La soirée fut consacrée à une promenade à travers le centre de Cracovie.

C’est grâce à cela que nous avons pu constater que les méthodes des différentes branches scoutes sont remarquablement liées entre elles, en découvrant notamment à quel point l’on peut apprendre de l’autre. Le rassemblement s’est achevé, entre autres, sur la création de nouveaux badges; de nombreuses idées nouvelles de jeux ont été proposées, plusieurs d’entre elles concernant l’éventuel lancement d’une chronique tenue par l’équipe responsable.

“Legwan” fut également extrêmement constructif. Certaines idées, telles que celle d’un “marché des idées” ou les “Hussards” (inspirée par les routiers français) y ont été proposées. Une grande partie de la réunion a été consacrée à la préparation de l’Eurojam, qui se tiendra en France l’an prochain.