The Woodbadge Days took place on February 16th and 17th in Vienna (Austria). Almost 30 trainees from 10 different countries gathered to share experience in leadership training.

It was a time to work, to share, to pray, to know or better know each other, to propose our service to others or to request help from others. To build a true friendship.

At the end of the day:

  • great welcome by the Austrian association with sightseeing in Vienna  √ check!
  • Interesting & exciting topics presented by the participants : Digital world & scouting, European Vocation in the red branch, International training camp, Spiritual time in training camp, Third degree training camp.   √ check!
  • Follow-up on spoken subjects – each association chose a concrete element to implement in association’s program and/or training camps during one year   √ check!
  • overall good participation of all attendees, interaction, exchange, good spirit, listening to each other, and peaceful ambiance  √ check!
  • inclusive methodology: workshops, discussions, exchanges per branch, etc.  √ check!

The next Woodbadge Days will be held on February 15th & 16th 2020 in Bucarest (Romania).

Let’s meet there !

Milisenta Miseviciute



Find this impressive text written by Christian (20 years old) after a rover hike with the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE), our sister organisation in North America!

For anyone thinking of embarking upon a pilgrimage, retreat or spiritual journey of any kind, I hope the following insights on my Wayfarer pilgrimage shed some light as to how incredibly enrichening such an experience can be! Having hiked in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for three days, camped in below freezing temperatures with my fellow brothers and lived to tell the tale, I cannot fully describe the effect it has on one’s character, perspective and spirit. This pilgrimage was by far the most challenging experience in my short 20 years, and looking back it now, I doubt any other could have fundamentally shifted the way I look at the world as this one did. I truly believe faith must be practised and embodied through action and prayer, but living it within the context of a pilgrimage is a whole nother realm that brings with it a unique set of graces. Continue reading

The new UIGSE-FSE federal bureau, elected last October during Federal Council, met for the first time from 2nd to 4th of February, in Italian national office in Rome.

Participants were Federal President Antonio POSA, vice-president Katarzyna KIELER, federal commissaire  Bruno BORDE, deputy federal commissaire, Milisenta MISEVICIUTE et la treasurer Isabelle TRUPIN. Several subjects were at the agenda, among them of course the next Euromoot preparation. Monday the 4th February in the morning, the Bureau was received in San Calisto palace by cardinal St Emilio Kevin Farrell, prefect of the dicastery for the laity, family and life. 

“I did not ask you for your name or your country, and yet I call you my brother …” (Federal song)

100 guides and scouts, members of high patrols from 11 different European countries, camped together at Mont Saint-Odile (France, near Strasbourg) on 17 and 18 November!

The high patrols came from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

For the third year now, the month of November is an opportunity to meet and to live with sister guides or scout brothers from all over Europe, to share activities such as games, cooking, campfires, etc …

This year, the welcoming French team allowed the participants to live 24 hours with a high-patrol from another country in bivouac, in full nature, around the campfire … On the beautiful mountain site of Mont-Saint-Odile.

Will your high patrol you join us for the next HP international WE adventure?