Eurojam 2014 – PRAYER

Very good Father, Source of Life, you love each one of your children and know them each one by its name. Open our hearts to the extraordinary brotherhood in which you have set us to serve one another. May our movement and the Eurojam project we are preparing be to the world a peaceful and radiant sign of this brotherhood!

Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, you call each one of us to come and follow you to see where you are staying, so that we may live in your presence. Grant us the grace of leaving our comfort and our certainties, open the treasures of your heart to us, and kindle your fire in us for patient and trustful charity throughout the Eurojam project.

Holy Spirit, Father of the poor, deprive us from anything that could divide us or prevent us from following Christ in our work. You are strength and mildness, you gather all men in the joy of communion. Be the bond of our unity, the driving force of our labour, and make it fruitful for the glory of God.

Our Lady, crowned with stars, pray for us and guide us!