The Extraordinary Federal Council and Council of General Commissioners of the UIGSE gathered 26 people in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 12-13 March 2022. Members from Belgium, Canada-USA FNE, France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Switzerland were present. Others joined the Council remotely by video conference.

We had the privilege on Saturday morning to have Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop in the beautiful church of the St Mikalojus in Vilnius.

Then, after a great presentation of the Lithuanian Association, the Federal Council elected Joanna Skowrońska as Federal Vice-President of the UIGSE. Welcome to her!

The Council reflected then on various important topics: involvement of the UIGSE and its associations in the support to Ukrainian refugees in this time of war, presentation of the Federal Bureau’s roadmap, Federal Calendar, proposal of reflections commissions, the question of the Eurojam and of the International High-Patrol weekend, etc. 

We spent then a beautiful cultural and spiritual evening, walking through the streets of Vilnius, stoping and praying for Peace in Ukraine, particularly in the Gate of Dawn (Mater Misericordiae) and in the Holy Trinity Uniate Church. Our little pilgrimage ended at the Shrine of Divine Mercy where we spent some time of Adoration.

On Sunday, after some work, the weekend ended with Holy Mass and the final gathering, where Ieva Neimantaite was recognised as Guide General Commissioner in front of rovers and wayfarers.

The Lithuanian Association has welcomed us wonderfully. During the weekend, Lithuanian wolvets and wolfcubs, guides and scouts, rovers and wayfarers have helped and served, cleaning the rooms, doing the kitchen, singing at Mass, and so on. They even had prepared some Lithuanian chocolate cakes (tinginys) as a souvenir gift for each participant – Thank you so much to them ! 

Photos: Lithuanian Association