The Ukrainian Association organised a National Pilgrimage on 3-5 September 2021, in Hoshiv, Ukraine.

Tradition, pilgrimage, comfort, peace, family, atmosphere of completeness, knowledge, authenticity, warmth, sisterhood, bird – these are words that come up in our leaders’ minds when they hear – “National Pilgrimage”. It is a moment when you are thankful for the past year and you pray for the blessing of the new year. Such things as ranger commitments, songs, liturgy, breakfast, lunch, dinner in the circle of your scout sisters, hands that are always ready to help, help to move on, and be loyal to your promise.

“The bird is recognized by singing” – How to recognise a leader? – it was a question that every participant tried to find the answer to. We did it and now we are ready with the new wave of inspiration and blessing from God and Mother of God, to make this year better than it was.

Big thanks to Jeanne Taillefer and Marie-Thérèse Joye who were invited and despite the great distance came to our pilgrimage to give testimony of service and loyalty to our union. Now we know that being a leader does not have any age, distance, language limits.

Text: Halya Bilan, Guide General Commissioner