On 11 April 2021, Sunday of Divine Mercy, in the needy neighbourhoods of Marabá’s city, in Pará, members of the Brazilian Catholic Scout Movement of the Association of Catholic Guides and Scouts of Brazil – AGEBR – delivered 180 meals to the homeless and Venezuelan refugees, a population of high vulnerability, victimized by the overflow of the Tocantins and Itacaiúnas rivers.

This initiative, in which the Guide chiefs, and the Scout chiefs were engaged, was promoted by the local Diocese. The Diocesan Bishop of Marabá Dom Vital Corbellini was present during the delivery of food.

The goal of Catholic Scouting, in particular of the AGEBR, is to lead its members to commit themselves beyond the services already provided commonly in parishes, bearing witness by the welcome and care for those who have nothing to eat and who are homeless, carrying out works of Christian mercy.

This is a broad work, which meets the values and the five goals of Catholic Scouting (health, character training, practical sense, service to others, the sense of God). Every charitable action aimed at the most humble finds its basis, for the members of AGEBR, primarily in the Gospel, but also in the Law and Promise made by its members:

… to help my neighbour at all times” (extract of the Promise), and “A Scout and Guide is made to serve and save his neighbour” (3rd article of the law).

So we proclaim in a loud voice our motto: Semper Parati!

Text: Marcos Jolbert Cáceres Azambuja

Photos: ETN Communication AGEBR