From 10 to 12 October 2020, the Association of Guides and Explorers of Brazil (AG&E), Brazilian Catholic Scout Movement, undertook its National Route. For this 2020 edition, the theme was: “Be all Saints, that’s the only thing that counts,” as the Venerable Father Jacques Sevin used to say. This route was this occasion to commemorate 100 years of Catholic Scouting.

We were seventeen participants: two priests – André Tavares (Dominican Prior, who made his promise and received the National Religious Councilor investiture of AG&E) and Patrick Carvalho (diocesan priest and scout chief at AG&E) – as well as 7 Leaders and 8 Rover Pilots.

The National Route 2020 gave everyone the opportunity to deepen the UIGSE-FSE’s pedagogy for the red branch, grow in personal spirituality in the light of Father Jacques Sevin’s life, and experiment a true fraternal life in Scouting.

After three days, the group arrived at the National Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, where they participated in the Eucharist’s celebration on the 12th of October. On this day dedicated to the Patroness of Brazil, pilgrims from all over the country come to visit the sanctuary.

On this 100th anniversary of Catholic Scouting, AG&E proclaims loud and clear: Ad Mariam, Ad Mariam, Ad Mariam – Brazil!

Semper Parati.

Text and photos: AG&E