It is hard to imagine a summer without scout camps, summer roads – without this time of adventure, joy, spent with friends, by the evening fire, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the silence of the forest…

This year we experienced many moments of uncertainty related to the sanitary situation in Poland as everywhere in the world. The uncertainty affected many aspects in our lives. It also had an impact on our scouting activities and challenged the organisation of summer camps.

We are therefore all more than happy that the scout camps and roads – although under special sanitary conditions – took place!

Initial estimates shows that more than 150 units of Polish Scouts of Europe went on camps and summer roads this year. Unit leaders – Akelas, company-, troop-, fire-, clan- leaders, as well as district leaders, assistants, group leaders and so on all showed an extraordinary level of commitment and ability to act under time pressure. They organized the camps according to the sanitary regime – and still in a scout style – so with forest, brotherhood and adventure ! Organizing a camp is never easy – and this year most particularly-  thus we would like to thank and congratulate everyone who took up this challenge despite adversities.

There were also units who decided to organize other types of summer activities – shorter trips, several days’ camping or other types of “stationary” events for wolves, guides and scouts.

All this would not be possible without the cooperation and trust of parents – thank you!

Text: Joanna Skowrońska

Photos: Tomasz Fundowicz (scouts), Monika Wójcik (guides)