With hope in our hearts all along the way …

This autumn weekend had been warmed up with the hearts of the Young Wayfarers Fire who traveled from Birkby to Zashkiv village (Ukraine).

For a young wayfare, the first trip is not just a journey: it is the first mature step towards Fiat, the so-called “baptism of fire”, which each of us has successfully coped with.

 We had a wonderful evening in the company of the community “Miles Jesu” and the girls from the house “Hope” in the village Birky.

We have presented our organization and hold a cozy campfire.

In the morning we went to Zashkiv with a smile on our faces, autumn in the forest is even more picturesque than anywhere else. 

The Holy Liturgy in our backpacks, we had our Hour with God. We also grew as wayfarers, learning about scouting even more.

I am very grateful to each wayfarer, Fr. Augustine, nun Mahdalyna and especially our chief Natalia for this wonderful time!

Text: Yaryna Zaviiska