Here is a short story about our scout activities in Slovakia during Covid crisis!

We decided to stay active although we stopped all the meetings in real life. Thus, we launched the platform “The Scout Help” through which our scouts started to sew and distribute face masks to hospitals and nursing homes. Some of our scouts donated blood in a reply to the request made officially by the Slovak National Transfusion Service. Others distributed food supplies to elderly people in our neighbourhoods. Lastly, our priest Pavol Trgo SJ celebrated a Holy Mass online every Sunday for all the guides and scouts in Slovakia via our facebook profile Vodkyne a skauti Europy”. 

On Red Branch side, our rover clans joined the big online challenge for rovers called “Mafeking”. The goal was to gain points through various activities in which both rovers as individuals and clans were competing. After the Covid restrictions were finally raised,  the game ended with a big meeting of rovers in person.

Text: Adam Zilinek

We bought and distributed food for elderly people 

Father Pavol Trgo SJ celebrated a Holy Mass for us online every Sunday.

Slovak physicians after receiving face masks made by Slovak Guides and Scouts of Europe

Our rovers and rangers donated blood

The Mafeking online challenge for rovers