The wolf cub clearing of Luxembourg II met three times in virtual meetings during the confinement.

For the first meeting, the chiefs reworked the great hunt planned for March, which could not be carried out. It was a Cluedo-type game, aimed at learning the different locations in a church.

The next two meetings were organised for each of the sixes with a chief to take care of the progress of the wolves. They had stars in their eyes and were very proud to show what they had learned and prepared. They waited so impatiently for the tests booklet to be signed at the long-awaited meeting in real life.

Then the end of lockdown… and the wonderful possibility of meeting each other again: the happy family bears its name well! Akela, Baloo and Bagheera welcomed the wolves to the Steinsel forest in Luxembourg for a game, songs and a snack.

Just a short meeting… but great joy for the wolves as well as for their chiefs!

Text: Isabelle Scart