A national Great Game for French scouts

Since September 2019 young scouts (12 to 17 years old) are answering the Call to the last Knights. A national Great Game lasting the whole year and ending in July with the Field of the Cloth of Gold…

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Renaissance era is just starting with its great inventors and artists, and the great European monarchs are competing ingeniously to turn their countries around. En route towards these major changes, they call the last knights to be prepared for the ultimate great tournament.

During the whole year 2019-2020, troops will have been living challenges and rallies on the theme of knighthood,, at this particular time. In November, for example, many provinces lived rallies with hundreds of brave scouts.

These modern knights are also following, in their magazine and on the Koudou website, the adventures of the seven characters representing their seven responsibilities.

500 years after King Francis I’s reign, scouts will be living again The Field of the Cloth of Gold. From July 23rd to 29th, the Morvan region will be hosting over 200 patrols and leaders. On the agenda of this great tournament – don’t say! – everything to challenge the know-how of each patrol member.

To follow the adventures of the French scouts, videos can be watched on the AGSE YouTube site. This Great Game can also be watched on Instagram.