During the Euromoot, the young people participated in the “Mobilia Scriptoria”, an activity inspired by the great commitment of Benedictine monasticism transmitting culture and faith after the decline of the classical age. To each route was assigned one of the four gospels. The young people walking along the routes reflected on a passage of the Gospel with a Lectio Divina, and then made a handcrafted copy of the respective passage and their own comments, arising from the Lectio Divina. All four Gospels were thus entirely copied by these young people, bound in a book and offered to the Holy Father at the audience.

Explanation words of the Mobilia Scriptoria activity to the Holy Father
by Pietro Antonucci (August 3rd, 2019)

Holy Father, thank you, thank you to be hosting us and to embrace us, one by one, through your dear words.These scouts and guides have put their walking shoes on, and have walked as you urged us to do during the last WYD. They prayed and sang together, they shared food and water with the desire to prepare the ways of the Lord. Indeed, “Parate Viam Domini”, was our motto. Six saints paced our days, the Word of the Lord was our guide. One single activity united all the ways and us all. The Mobilia Scriptoria activity, a moving scriptorium, in which, like the copyist monks, each of us copied an extract of the four Gospels in his own language, adding personal comments. Together, our participants listened and received the Word in their hearts. To each one of the four Saints’ roads was given a Gospel, then to each group a short extract. The copying work was preceded by an intense Lectio Divina on the assigned extract. Together, they medidated the Gospel, in the beautiful places they walked through where human and divine meet. The text of the four Gospels, copied by hand, the comments which sprang from each group member, and the illuminations with which they wanted to tailor the sheets of paper, are the tangible sign of everyone’s prayer, work and pathway. We have gathered all these pages, we have bound them in a “scout” way to give them to you, Your Holiness, as a sign of our physical and spiritual progression, and as a sign of our gratefulness and our filial love. In the name of each one of us, thank you again, thank you, thank you. We shall pray for you, knowing that we can always count on your paternal love.