The Religious Advisers of all UIGSE-FSE associations are invited to the

International Congress of FSE Religious Advisers

“Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment”

January 29th – 31st, 2018 in Rome

Program, registration and more information HERE!


  • We fraternally share pastoral experience and create a real international community of religious advisers.
  • We deepen our awareness of the specificity of the FSE scout method.
  • We get motivated to further improve faith education in the guide and scout units.
  • We think how to promote vocations to priesthood and consecrated life in our movement.


Program, registration and more information HERE!

    In March, three Polish Scouts leaders went to Ukraine to give a training for Ukrainian “Akelas”, cub scout leaders. The aim was to pass a lot of important information about “The Jungle Book”, to play games and to do other activities for wolf cubs. 

    It was also a meeting of two cultures. You may think that Polish and Ukrainian people have a lot in common and it’s true, but there are some differences, too. We thought this training should be carried out in English, but it turned out that Polish language and Ukrainian language have some similarities so we understood on​​​​​​​​​​e another quite well. 

    An unforgettable experience! We helped our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and we also gained a new experience. Hopefully we can meet once again soon!