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For European Guides and Scouts in the whole world, the election of the new Pope, Francis, 265th successor of saint Peter, is a great joy.

As soon as we saw the white smoke, we welcomed him with a heart full of joy and gratitude. Our love and our prayers have accompanied the Holy Father since his first apparition at the balcony of Saint-Peter’s Basilica.

We are touched by the humility that he showed when he asked the crowd to pray for him and when he bowed down before the blessing.Also by his sense of tradition : immediately he suggested to pray for Benedict XVI and called him by phone just before appearing at the loggia. Then by his simplicity : this morning, the Pope refused to be transported in Mercedes, he preferred to take the minibus to the Basilica for the prayer with the cardinals…

Through these admirable acts, we find our scout virtues in our new Holy Father.
He shares his name with the protector of our youngest, about whom the Lord said “let little children come to me”. The name of Francis will obviously touch the hearts of all wolf cubs, brownies and ladybirds !

The simplicity that we observed last night cannot let boy scouts, girl guides, rovers, rangers and leaders indifferent… Scouting aims at a “simple life”.The service towards the poorest evoked by the TV presenters is also very touching, especially for the red branches… Not to mention saint Ignatius’ prayer, which is so important in our religious repertory and our “scout spirituality”.

Finally, let us not forget the figure of Venerable father Jacques Sevin, a Jesuit, to whom we owe the largest part of our spiritual legacy and whose centenary of priesthood we are going to celebrate next year, during our Eurojam.

European Guides and Scouts renew their loyalty and their guard not only to the Holy See, not only to the successor of Saint Peter apostle, but to Pope Francis I.

We invite you to ask all your units to pray for our new Pope. May they not hesitate to take part in the various ecclesial proposals made in parishes, dioceses, etc.

We rely on you, European Guides and Scouts !


On March 9th and 10th over 100 Swiss Guides, Scouts, Rangers and Rovers got together in the canton of Fribourg. Some French and 2 polish were also present.

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This weekend forms part of a cycle of human and spiritual training for Swiss Rangers and Rovers. And this time it was Mother Madeleine Bourcerau, a specialist in the life of Father Sevin, who came to talk about spiritual scouting that was defined by Father Sevin, the founder of catholic scouting.


The teaching, the Route, service times and singing were embellished by several engagements: the handing out of scarves to Rangers and Rovers, EP engagements, yellow “waves” and the commitment of two new RS Rangers.


Living simple moments and working to create strong friendships between these young adults, the Swiss European Scouting has shown its desire to live an authentic Scouting in the lines  Father Jacques Sevin. They will meet again for two weekends before the end of 2013, before flying together … to the Holy Land!

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