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A Europe Guide in the USA

Have you ever had the opportunity to go abroad, to discover a new culture, a new new language and meet Scouts there? Cub in France, then guide in Germany within the KPE (Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas, member of UIGSE) I had this chance by spending a month in Colorado, at the foot of the rocky mountains, thanks to Boulder’s group leader.

This emerging group is part of the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE), UIGSE aspirant association. The FNE is a growing movement that did not exist until recently (it’s 10 years old). Recruiting leaders is complex because volunteering with young people is non-existent in this state.

I recovered the pedagogy, the uniform and scouting mindset on several occasions: a cub camp (as leader), a group party and a patrol WE of the group of Littleton, Colorado. Scout life is similar with its great games, its taking of scarves, its coded messages. The cubs practice semaphore, jungle dances, and sing at the vigil songs sometimes translated from French!

Some details were surpising to me, e.g. patrols use terribly heavy iron-cast bowls (but remarkable as an oven) and for camping in the rocky mountains where bears and pumas are numerous, patrols must be trained and provide adequate equipment to food and campism. It is also essential to check the weather because thunderstorms and snowstorms in winter are numerous.

What a joy to discover a movement aspiring to the same Scout ideal, to live the scouts’ fraternity beyond the language, in the continuity of Eurojam, and to share our experiences:
an ocean separates us but scouting makes us close, and it’s with the same complicity than with the guides of my patrol that we tell each other about our camps, our explorations, our failed dishes and our best scouting moments! I will continue with pleasure to exchange with the guides and help them by sharing my experience with them because everything is new for them: from organizing an outing, to the patrol trunk, or the way the patrol council works.

20190731 - A guide in the USA

Deo Gratias for this beautiful month, and “Ad Mariam… America !”


Patrol leader of Eagle, Munich guides unit

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The Portuguese association of Guides and Scouts of Europe celebrated last weekend – 8th and 9th of June – their 40th anniversary! During a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Fatima, several groups from various parts of the country gathered to celebrate this important moment of their education movement for children, teenagers and adults.

In the presence of the Federal Commissioner of the UIGSE-FSE, Bruno Borde, who gave us the joy of spending this moment with us, wolf cubs, guides, scouts, rangers, rovers and leaders lived a great weekend of true scout fraternity.

20190608 - 40e anniversary of Portuguese association

Vitor Almeida

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36 members of the Romanian Christian Scouts Association – Federation of Scouts of Europe –  volunteered in Blaj (Romania, Transylvania) under the coordination of the organizers of Pope Francis’ visit. There were three days of intense labour between May 31 – June 2, filled with the joy of meeting the scouts of six different groups from all over the country and with brothers from other scout associations. Therefore, the volunteers completed Pope’s visit motto, “Let’s Walk Together”, with the idea of working together.

The Romanian FSE scouts mainly contributed to organising the events in Blaj, with the participation of more than 50,000 faithful, the Liturgy and the beatification of seven Romanian Greek-Catholic bishops killed during the communist persecution. The culminating moment of the Holy Father’s visit in Romania, the beatification of the seven Romanian martyrs, captured many of the scout volunteers in different points in which they were assigned to work – at the access gates, in the protocol area or distributing food and water. However, they enjoyed the fact that the pilgrims they served and other dozens of their brothers – the younger scouts, under the age of 16, who couldn’t be volunteers – lived in the plenary the moments of beatification.

The Romanian FSE scouts were also particularly happy when Diana and Octavian – a brownie and a scout of the “Blessed Vasile Aftenie” Group in Bucharest, the great-grandchildren of a Romanian patriot who survived Soviet Gulag and a notorious Romanian communist extermination prison, were the teens who welcomed Pope Francis at his landing at Otopeni airport in Bucharest.

Among those who participated as volunteers in Blaj there were the President of the Association – Sorin Opriș, the two General Commissioners – Mihai Zanfir and Lucia Trandafir, the National Secretary – Alin Bărbatu and the Group Leader Valeriu Domuţa. Other scout leaders couldn’t travel to Blaj, having to comment for the public TV and a private station the events in Blaj. The next morning, on Monday, June 3, 25 of the volunteers were at their classes, being high school students, and another 5 students were preparing for the exam session. We are grateful for their devotion and service, for showing that they are always ready to serve.

One week later, the Romanian FSE scouts took part in the procession with the relics of the Blessed Vasile Aftenie, killed in 1950, a former scout himself, one of the seven bishops beatified by Pope Francis.

Only two months ago, at the common General Assembly that took place in Blaj (the same episcopal town which was the place of beatification), the Christian Romanian Scouts Association and the greek-catholic Romanian United Scouts Association, sharing the same pedagogy, decided to „walk together”, following the motto of Pope Francis’ visit that was going to take place. The Groups from the Greek-Catholic Association were integrated in ACCR-FSE and a new Guide General Commissioner, Lucia Trandafir, was chosen from this Association alongside Mihai Zanfir, the Scout General Commissioner. We had the support of the FSE representatives Bruno Borde, Federal Commissioner, and Richard Uri, and the blessings of the greek-catholic bishops Mihai Frăţilă of Bucharest and Claudiu Pop from Blaj.

20190531 - FSE volunteers for Pope Francis visit

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new commissionner
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general assembly
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beatification mass


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On April 15th, 2019, a tragic fire burnt the Cathedral Notre Dame of Paris in France ; a lot of people were shocked by the pictures of this drama. For UIGSE-FSE, it has a particular resonance, as during the first Eurojam in summer 1984, The Guides and Scouts of Europe have consecrated their movement to Our Lady of Annunciation in this Cathedral.
Therefore it’s under her eyes upon us, that the jewel of culture, beauty and faith must be rebuilt. 
Ad Mariam Europa !
Bruno Borde, Federal Commissioner

EUROJAM 1984 - Notre Dame (SDE n°100)