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I WRITE my notes this month from camp. I hope that many a Scoutmaster will have been able, like me, to take his holiday this year in camp. If he has enjoyed it half as much as I am enjoying mine, he will have done well.

I am certain that a week or two of such life is the best rest-cure and the best tonic for both mind and body that exists for a man, whether he be boy or old ‘un. Continue reading

After Brownsea

On January 15th 1908, in English bookshops, a leaflet of about 70 pages was published with the title Scouting for boys. It was written and illustrated by Baden-Powell himself. It was the first of a series of 6 leaflets, published every fortnight between January and April 1908. They were sold 4 pence each (about 1,20 €). In May of that year, the leaflets were printed as a book, with the same title: Scouting for boys. Immediately, the six leaflets were a real success, and so they were published again several times. Later on, it was necessary to publish the book five times during the year 1908. Continue reading