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Yellow Scarf Portugal - 03

Le 11 mai dernier, au cours du Rallye de District annuel pour les louveteaux de la province d’Estrémadoure, le foulard jaune fut remis au commissaire national portugais pour la branche jaune, Tiago Duarte. Ce foulard, symbole d’accomplissement et de ratification au 3ème degré de la pédagogie des louveteaux, met ainsi en évidence la continuité de son travail, et l’intègre dans la grande famille des « foulards jaunes » au sein de l’UIGSE-FSE.


Canada is a country with incredible parks and wilderness areas that consistently beckons our Explorers to discover and live a sense of adventure, beauty and Explorer (scouting) skill development in a manner that presents  a sense of challenge, excitement, joy and happiness as we work and at times struggle to accomplish our camp program objectives even during difficult circumstances or times.

This Bike Hike camp weekend to the Elora Gorge Park located some 85 km west of Toronto Ontario offered us a wide range of wilderness and small town experiences that help to transform a simple “bike hike” into an extraordinary experience…

The “bike hike” helped us in many ways…

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Coming up is a great historical play „to these green meadows”, which will be taking place on June 15th in an amphitheater in one of Warsaw’s districts as part of the celebration of the end of the year.

The preparations started two months ago and almost 200 actors are needed. A total of 57 girls and 140 boys from the green and red branches have already volunteered to participate!

The mobilization is very big and the commitment of some is also very strong.

do tych lak...

The play covers many important moments in Polish history. Starting with the origin of Poland, the Grunwald battle and the topic of Polish Nobility times and the Polish revival.

The biggest task is to achieve the proper musical frame. The goal is to compose an orchestra made up of our musical scout talents.

The idea is to hold such plays each year for the celebration of the end of the year and to prepare a play about The Saint of the World on the next World Youth Day in 2016, probably in Cracow, in Poland…

The organizers want to create a movie and to take photos.

We await impatiently.

Courage Poland!

    With an Hungarian scoutmaster, the scouts of the IIIrd Mountain Chambéry Troop wanted to discover this country. They also wanted to use this opportunity to partner up with a foreign troop. The IXth Warsaw quickly accepted this great opportunity and now each French patrol is in contact with a Polish one in order to get to know each other, to prepare the camp and they even prepared a small Polish-French glossary to have an alternative to English. They will all end up in a camp together in Hungary this summer.

    Krzysztof, the head of scouts unit of the IXth Warsaw tells us that his scouts are really motivated since they have heard so much about the European dimension that they wanted to live it. When the French scoutmaster’s mail arrived, as Hungary is not so far away from Poland and does not imply so many expenses, they said : “Why not!” What are they expecting from this camp? To experience a great Adventure, spend some good time with the French scouts in Hungary, and learn from all these different cultures. Thus, it is a good way to prepare for the Eurojam!

    As for the French, faced with the challenge of financing this camp, the IIIrd Mountain Chambéry Troop has found an innovative, profitable and well-liked recipe in order to move away from the traditional pastries sale. As they do not lack of ideas, motivation and scout spirit, the troop has concocted a representation where songs performed by the whole troop follow songs by each patrol one after the other using a vigil technique (puppets, choreography, shadow theatre …). The patrol leaders have distributed the tasks: planning the schedule, making sure that each patrol has repeated and learnt all the pieces, making posters and communicating it widely. The first concert was a real success and has attracted a wide variety of people even some new to Scouting.

    The story has not ended here since a second concert is looming on June 8th, 2013 in Chambéry, France. https://www.facebook.com/events/430872383676002

    By singing a delighted troop gets ready to fully live the European dimension of the movement. Let’s wish both troops a good camp, a good learning of languages and a great meeting!