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The outstanding position of young female and male leaders

For the founders of the FSE, Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox, the mission entrusted by Christ to his disciples must be accomplished by all those who constitute the Church, even if they are very young; they were aware of the fact that the legitimacy of their action came from their state of baptised faithful and citizen, as well as from the families who entrusted their children to them. So, all the baptised, everyone according to his personal condition, are meant to collaborate actively to the transmission of the word preached by Jesus. More specifically, the patrol leaders, the rovers and rangers, the young female and male leaders are at the best place to transmit a testimony of faith to their younger brothers and sisters. Continue reading

The problem of older scouts

In 2018, Rovering will celebrate its 100 years of existence. It is a symbolic date because Rovering did not have a real and official start; it grew gradually, through experiments and attempts. Baden-Powell did not conceive Scouting as a unique project from the very beginning but, little by little, he invented new solutions. It was the case for Girl Guides, Wolf Cubs, training camps… Sometimes, as it happened for Rovering, the solutions finally adopted were preceded by controlled attempts and experiments in order to find the best solution. Continue reading