cep-spain-summer-2016More than 100 leaders from all over Spain recently enjoyed the training camps of our association for all branches from August 21st to 28th! This year we have the great opportunity to received training for company leaders by two Polish guides. To them and to our sister the Polish Association, we thank it heartily. Also we had training for group and district leaders, and we welcome two rangers and one rover scout in the RS Community. We are very thankful for all these blessings received from the consecration of our association to the Sacred Hearth of Jesus and Mary of last June. We feel more and more united and are actually working on a project of a camp for all branches next summer: Ibercamp 2017. We ask for the prayer of all our brothers and sisters of the UIGSE, thanks in advance!

Flory Delgado

(Photo credit : Arturo Gutiérrez)

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  1. De Clippele
    Posted 15 October 2016 at 11:46 | Permalink

    J’aimerai inscrire notre fils de 7 ans Alexandre qui a plus besoin d’être encadre avec une autorité mal bienveillante. Vous reste t-il la place pour cette année ?

    Un grand merci a vous.

    Mme de Clippele

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